The Best in Roofing

Through our innovative best in practices processes, and expert knowledge of roofing systems, we’re able to install roofs at an unrivaled value with the highest level of quality and service.

Who We Are

We are roofing experts and take pride in being a trustworthy, professional roofing operation. Boasting the Master Elite Certification, our team of native Grand Rapidians is passionate about installing quality roofs.

Your Guides

We make purchasing a roof a truly professional experience. Our technological advantage, prompt communication styles, and unparalleled warranties provide you with a superior value and experience.

Confidence Comes With Every Shingle

While we’re able to offer premium products, our goal is to always be a value oriented company. We understand the anxiety that can come with having to put a new roof on an old house, or to make last minute repairs as you prepare to buy or sell a home. Roofs are a big undertaking.

Living in a 4 seasons climate, like we do in Michigan, means that we have to pay extra careful attention to what we put on our roofs and who we trust to install it. Long Winters and harsh weather are always a possibility. At Summit Point Roofing, we’re here to answer any questions you have and to be your trusted source for a high quality roof installed at an affordable price.

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