Top-Notch Commercial Roofing Services in West Michigan

Summit Point Roofing Co. is the premier contractor Grand Rapids and surrounding communities have come to trust for their residential roofing needs. Keeping West Michigan homes dry and damage-free, however, isn’t our only primary aim. We also specialize in commercial roofing, ensuring that your business property or industrial building can keep any extreme weather condition at bay.

As your reliable commercial roofer, Summit Point Roofing Co. aims to provide the best, most honest buying experience for the property owners we serve. That’s why we always play by the rules, meaning no shortcuts–only legitimate business practice all the way. We are:

  • Licensed. This means we are eligible to perform commercial roofing work in your area. We also have deep familiarity with local codes and regulations, while ensuring that the service we do adheres to them. We also get the necessary building permits before taking on any project.
  • Insured. Summit Point Roofing Co. carries the applicable insurance, including workers’ compensation and liability coverage. These ensure that you and your investment remains protected should anything goes wrong with the project.
  • Certified. Our commitment to delivering superior workmanship and customer excellence has earned us certifications from the leading roof manufacturers. With us, you’re sure that we can work on your commercial roof according to the brand’s quality standards.

Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or replacement, we’ll make sure your commercial roofing project runs smoothly from start to finish. Our professional crew will be there on time, always ready and able to answer any questions should you have them. Summit Point Roofing Co. uses only the most advanced products and methods in the industry to deliver property owners with high-quality and long-lasting roofing solutions to their buildings. Take a look at some of the services we offer:

  • Roof Repair and Maintenance. Weather damage, whether it’s from hail, water, or wind, can negatively impact your roof’s performance. To keep it in top form all year round, turn to Summit Point Roofing Co. for regular inspections and maintenance. We’ll prevent potential roof issues from forming or worsening and extend your system’s service life.
  • Roof Coatings. Augment your commercial roofing’s weather performance with durable and efficient roof coatings from Summit Point Roofing Co. This way, you can ensure that your system continues to provide the superior protection you’ve come to expect.
  • Roof Replacement. We carry a wide selection of commercial roofing systems that fit your budget and specific needs. They come with solid, exclusive warranties that let you avoid the stress and additional costs involved with material defects or sloppy installation.

We’ll Address Your Commercial Roofing Needs. Call us today!

Your commercial property deserves a lovely and durable roofing system that can provide lasting protection and performance. This is easily achievable when you turn to Summit Point Roofing Co., your trusted West Michigan contractor. Call us today at (616) 622-6343 to schedule your consultation.