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Although insulation material is unnoticeable because it’s hidden from view, it is extremely vital to the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. It helps preserve necessary heat inside your home, keeping your living spaces comfortable and your utility systems working normally at all times. This results in a cozy indoor atmosphere, with minimal energy consumption. As with any other home component, however, the effectiveness of insulation material tends to diminish over time. This can be caused by leakage, poor installation, and other natural factors. Fortunately, you can always get some professional help. When it’s time to replace your insulation, you can turn to Summit Point Roofing. Whether you need to insulate your new home or replace your existing insulation, we have the best materials and services you are looking for.

Types of home insulation: Know what’s best for you

You can reduce your energy costs by investing in insulation from Summit Point Roofing. Reinforcing your home insulation can help you save up to 20% on your heating and cooling costs, which is noticeable savings in your pocketbook. Here are the types of insulation we offer:

  • Blown-In Sometimes referred to as blowing wool or loose-fill insulation, this type of insulation is blown into a space, making it ideal for spaces that are irregular in size and shape. Areas that have low ceilings or are difficult to access, such as the attic, can also benefit a lot from this type of insulation.
  • Rolled Since rolled materials have a standard shape, they are meant for use in easy to access areas that have flexible spacing. You can also use them in irregular spaces, although you will need to cut them properly to fit.

You can ask our experts about our blown-in and rolled insulation options. We use both fiberglass and cellulose insulation for our services, and customize each project to optimize your home’s efficiency. Owens Corning provides our standard rolled insulation product and Johns Manville cellulose insulation is also a product we regularly install.

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